The Complete Handbook of Home Brewing

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Includes 55 recipes for classic ales and lagers as well as equipment, materials, and procedures information. 103,000 copies in print.

Tastes in beer have changed as Americans have come to know and love the robust flavors of international beers. And connoisseurs agree that quality beers can be brewed right at home -- a hobby that can quickly become a passion. With The Complete Handbook of Home Brewing the beginner or veteran can learn to brew a range of fine lager beers and ales -- from the Trappist ales of Belgium and the stouts and porters of Ireland and Great Britain, to the pilsners that are the predecessors of American beers.

The author's clear and lively presentation makes this complex, technical subject fascinating. In his words: "Brewing is complicated in its details but simple in practice, and there is no magic involved. Ordinary people were doing it for centuries before it became the province of specialists, and now, thanks to modern science, we can turn out better, more consistently flavorful beers than our ancestors would have thought possible."

This book is a practical guide to brewing good beer at home and gives you a full understanding of the brewing process. Equipment, materials, and the procedures to follow for successful home brewing are full described. The book concludes with a section that shows how to make beers to suit your own taste, including fifty-five of the author's tested recipes for classic ales and lagers.