SS Top Shelf Pina Colada

$7.99 USD

A cream-based pineapple liqueur with a hint of coconut.
Top Shelf Cream Liqueurs are perfect for entertaining and no evening would be complete without a bottle of home-distilled neutral spirits flavored with a Top Shelf Cream Liqueur. Each flavoring is beautifully presented in 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) bottles.
Pina Colada Cream Flavoring
Makes a pineapple cream-style liqueur flavoring, with a hint of coconut.
Mixing Instructions
Shake well before use. Mix Still Spirits Cream Liqueur Base in 220 ml (7 US fl oz) of hot water. Add this flavoring followed by 500 ml (17 US fl oz) of 40% ABV distilled spirit or vodka. Top up to 1.125 L (38 US fl oz) with water.
Water, stabilizer (E422), flavorings, color (E102).