Nelson Sauvin™ (NZ) Hop Pellets 1 oz

$3.99 USD

Nelson Sauvin™ (NZ) Hop Pellets 1 oz
Weight: 0.07 lb(s)
Height: 0.50 inch(es)
Length: 6.40 inch(es)
Width: 4.20 inch(es)

Breeding/Development: New Zealand. A variety named for the Sauvignon Blanc grape, with which it shares some aroma characteristics. Nelson Sauvin™ was developed at Plant and Foods Research and released in 2000. 
Brewing Application: High enough alpha acid content to make it truly dual-purpose, but best known for its distinct gooseberry, white wine-like aroma. Nelson Sauvin’s lush tropical fruit character and low cohumulone levels have made it a favorite for IPA. Adds a lovely dimension to saison and wheat ales as well. 
Sensory: Striking and pronounced elements of cold-climate Sauvignon Blanc and freshly crushed gooseberries. Also look for Key lime, pine needles, earthy dill, and tropical fruit (lychee, papaya, passionfruit). 
To preserve freshness, all BSG HandCraft hops are packaged in nitrogen-flushed, oxygen- and light-barrier foil packages.

Hop Size1 oz
Alpha Acid Range % 12.0 – 13.0
Beta Acid Range % 6.0 – 8.0
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha 23 – 25
Total Oil mL/100 g 0.9 – 1.2
Country of Origin USA