Better Beer and How to Brew It

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Beginners can learn how easy and inexpensive it is to brew beer at home. From choosing the equipment and ingredients to preparing, fermenting, aging, bottling, and serving. 137,000 copies in print.

Think of it -- beer at 12-20 cents a bottle, and the best beer you've ever tasted, tailored to the exact quirk of your tongue. This is the promise of M.R. Reese. And he delivers on that promise. Follow his instructions, then flip the cap off a bottle of your brewing and taste -- you'll never want to return to those store-bought varieties.

It's easy, too—three hours at the most for five gallons of beer. The hardest part, Reese writes, is waiting four to six weeks for the beer to reach perfection.

You only need a few items of equipment. Some you'll have in your kitchen; others are inexpensive and available in many stores.

With the nineteen recipes, you can brew top-grade beer and ale -- American, Canadian, or European style, from light summer beers to the heavier Irish stout -- and learn to vary recipes to get the desired pleasing taste.

M.R. Reese, a member of a brewing family from before Prohibition days, tells the secrets of brewing he's learned in years of making his favorites.

About the Author

It is no surprise, that author M. R. Reese knows how to brew it best as noted in his Storey book, Better Beer & How to Brew It. He comes from a family that has been brewing since before the Prohibition days, and he has acquired many savory secrets have been passed down through his family over the years, through conducting extensive homebrewing research and experimenting with his own recipes. In 1970, M. R. founded and operated the first store in the Washington D.C. area that carried supplies for home winemakers and brewers. He sold the business in 1978. M. R. lives with his wife, Dottie, and has three daughters and five grandchildren.