Welcome to Bridgeview Beer & Wine Supply!

Since 1994 Bridgeview Beer & Wine has been a pillar in Historic Downtown Oregon City. A combination of solid customer service, excellent products and resources, Bridgeview has continued to evolve with the ever-growing home brewing sensation. 120From ingredients to literature, classes and personal instruction, equipment and samples, Bridgeview Beer and Wine offers a multitude of services to the home brewer.

127The store houses some 1,000 varieties of beers from some 30 different countries. A small selection are kept cold in the cooler while many are shelved as high as the eye can see. It’s no wonder the popularity Bridgeview has found over the past decade and more.

139Come down to the store, open during construction, and see for yourself the ample amount of selection of beer and wines available for purchase as well as kits galore. Frankly, if Bridgeview doesn’t have what you’re looking for I guarantee they’ll offer a means to make it yourself or find it for you. This is a home brewers paradise in a land of wine and cheese.

Support local, make it yourself, enjoy at your leisure and have a great day! Thanks for stopping by Bridgeview Beer & Wine Supply.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Bridgeview Beer & Wine Supply!

  1. Hi there,
    I just called and left a voicemail at your store. I was just wondering if you had received your free issue of Craft Beer & Brewing magazine yet? If so, you should give me a call or email me back. There has been a lot of interest with selling the magazines in stores.


  2. We would love for your location to carry the comedian Adam Carolla’s product, Mangria. We don’t have any carriers in Oregon City. We will add you to our site and advertise on our various social media sites. Please visit our site to learn more. Adam has a huge following in Oregon and your location would do great. Thanks!!!

  3. I’m trying to convert an extract recipe of yours “MEDEARIS’ MAD STOUT ” from extracts to all-grain. Do you have any idea of the make-up of this extract “Hollander Dutch dark extract ” so I can get the right grains for substitutions. I have searched the Internet, and your recipe is the only info that I can find that even mentions this extract. This sounds like a great stout, (and I love stouts!), but living in a small building with not a lot of room, I convert everything to all-grain so’s I can scale the recipes to 1 gallon.
    Thanks for any help/advice/info that you can provide.

  4. Larry this is steve eds roomate.
    Im looking for a few specialty beers you may or may not have.
    ommegang beer

    Look forward to hearing from ya..

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